Hello Dear Buyer,
Am here to offer you very needed services, as you know that whenever you are going to develop a new system you may have to analyze and design it before moving towards its development and implementation. For the purpose of analysis and design you need a very competent person who can do all for your system.
And with confidence I want to say that I would be the person who can perform all analysis and design work for you.
My services include the following:
SRS (system requirement specification) document
System proposal document
2. Structural approach designs include:
Data Flow Diagrams
Decision Trees
ER Models
3. Object oriented approach includes UML diagrams of the system include:
Use case Diagrams
System Sequence Diagram
State Chart/ State Machine Diagram
Activity Diagram
Class Diagram
ER Model
Why me?
100% guaranteed work
Guaranteed to be the better companion for

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